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Workplace Relations Support

Are you worried about your obligations as an employer?

Let us help support and navigate you through workplace relations and employment law to ensure you are compliant and minimise your business risk.

Our highly trained team of employment law experts will provide you with easy and practical solutions to manage your workforce.

We can help you with:

  • Paying employees correctly – unsure which award your employees fall under?  Do you know when overtime is payable?
  • Interpreting modern awards and enterprise agreements – industrial agreements are complex and include many clauses that need to be read closely and together; we can help
  • Disciplinary action and performance management – we can guide you through this, including assisting in drafting up warnings, walking you through step by step processes and assistance with follow up documentation
  • Terminating employment – worried about unfair dismissal or general protections claims? Is your employee entitled to notice?
  • Workers compensation and return to work – can you terminate whilst an employee is on workers’ comp? Should they be accruing leave?
  • Understanding annual, personal and long service leave – are you accruing leave correctly? Do you know which LSL scheme your employee falls under?
  • Downsizing your workforce – restructuring, redundancy
  • Dealing with Union officials – do you know how to deal with union disputes?
  • Drafting HR policies and procedures – HR policies can help you with creating a harmonious and productive workplace, as well as give you recourse to better manage your workforce and discipline employees.
  • And much more!

Contact the Hotline

Our WR team are here to answer all your questions!

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Need information about pay and employment conditions for apprentices and trainees in the ACT?

Contact the Wage & Entitlements Information Service for Australian Apprenticeships for free advice.

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Become a member and get access to:

  • Our employment law experts via the Workplace Relations Hotline:
    • Principal and Corporate membership includes 10 calls/emails or up to 2hrs/year
    • Business and Kindred membership includes 5 calls/emails or up to 1hr/year
  • Copies of up to 2 modern awards which are relevant to your organisation. We look out for changes and send you updates whenever your relevant modern award is varied.
  • Wage sheets which outline the wages and allowances payable under your modern award.
  • A variety of fact sheets and handy checklists on a range of WR topics (available via the online member portal).

Need additional support?

Upgrade to WR Plus

  • Unlimited access to the WR Hotline
  • Up to 5 modern awards
  • Access to workplace policy procedures and templates, such as code of conduct, leave, performance and misconduct, and social media.

Choose the plan that suits your business (prices inc. GST):

  • Up to 20 employees – $66 per month ($792 per annum)
  • 20-40 employees – $143 per month ($1,716 per annum)
  • 40+ employees – Bespoke package with price on application (Call our WR hotline or you’ll receive a call from the Chamber after you submit your membership application)

All these packages are tax-deductible (check with your accountant).

Are you looking to tender on ACT Government work? Do you need an Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate?

Businesses tendering for construction, cleaning, security or traffic management work need to meet workplace standards in the Secure Local Jobs Code and have a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate. Businesses that wish to provide services worth more than $200,000 to the ACT Government will also need a Code Certificate.

Canberra Business Chamber offers an efficient and reliable Secure Local Jobs Code audit service to support you in obtaining a Certificate. 

Our experienced auditors are happy to assist with any application queries and will guide you through the ACT Procurement requirements to obtain a Certificate. Our turnaround time means that we can meet your critical deadlines ensuring that you can get the certificate on time. So, if you or your contractors are in need of a certificate please do not hesitate to contact our Workplace Relations team.


The WR team also provides the following services on a fee-for-service basis:

  • Negotiating and drafting enterprise agreements
  • Drafting a template contract of employment and individual flexibility agreements
  • Development of human resource policies and procedures
  • Investigations
  • Mediation
  • Wage analysis against modern awards
  • Seminars

Discounted rates apply to WR Plus members!

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