CEO Update - Canberra Business Chamber

About Us - Canberra Business Chamber is the Canberra Region's leading business organisation.

Representing Canberra Region businesses through direct membership and affiliated industry and association groups, we are the organisation that connects business.

Canberra Business Chamber members are a diverse membership base of like-minded individuals. We engage in every facet of industry and commerce across the region, providing networking opportunities at every level with others who are passionate in the promotion of our economic and business development.

Canberra Business Chamber connects members to learn from one another, to form strategic alliances and to develop the economic future of our region.

We are the voice of the private sector, providing a forum for our members, industry and government to unite. The strong relationship with both the Federal and Local Government allows the Chamber to act as a facilitator, providing productive access and constructive input of our members perspectives to current and emerging policy issues.

Members have access to a broad range of services and expert advice to help meet the challenges facing business today.

Become a member and join a dynamic network of individuals and businesses.

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Destination 2030  Our vision for Canberra in 2030 – a city that is liveable, connected, international, agile and resilient.

Canberra Business Chamber has developed a Strategic Plan for April 2017 to April 2020


Canberra Business Chamber operates on a nonpartisan, non-profit basis; funded solely through subscriptions from local businesses and individuals who are committed to the growth of the business sector in the Canberra Region.

Membership of Canberra Business Chamber


Our members play an integral role to Canberra Business Chamber. With our sole purpose to support and represent the interest of our members and provide leadership in economic and business development in the Canberra Region.

We are an inclusive member-based organisation that prides itself on being accessible to all our members, continuously striving for results. The strength of CBC in developing strategies, programs and agendas to achieve its objectives would not be possible without our extensive and proactive member base.

Canberra Business Chamber's Board of Directors

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors governs Canberra Business Chamber. Elected annually from our membership base, the Board is responsible for establishing the focus and strategic direction of the CBC.

The Board brings together a diverse range of skills and a wealth of experience across the full spectrum of businesses in the region, giving the Chamber an informed clear vision for the future.

Workplace Relations advice from Canberra Business Chamber

Kindred Organisations

Proudly amongst our members Canberra Business Chamber has more than 40 industry associations, known as Kindred Organisations. Maintaining close relationships with all our industry associations are of fundamental importance to CBC, not only fostering relationships with them but also between.

We work together with our Kindred Organisations, in a consultative capacity, for expert advice and strategic direction. Encouraging such affiliations is key to achieving our goals and those of our members.


In order to focus on issues of importance within specific businesses or industries Canberra Business Chamber facilitates the operation of several Taskforces. Each Taskforce provides guidance and advice, lending their experience and expertise in policy recommendations to the Board.

The contribution of each Taskforce is critical to the success of CBC, driving the initiatives we pursue in the aim to broaden, grow and strengthen the Canberra Region’s economy.