WR News: Portable Long Service and Superstream

6 May 2016

Introduction of new Long Service Leave arrangements

We regret to report that the ACT Government earlier this week passed a Bill amending the Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Act 2009.  As a result of this change, from 01 July 2016 portable long service leave arrangements will apply to employers and workers in the Aged Care sector and the Waste Management industry, as well as four other industry sectors already covered.

The Chamber campaigned against this change on behalf of affected members as the scheme imposes an unjustified cost on employers, including not-for-profit organisations.  Employers in covered industries are required to pay a compulsory levy towards future long service leave benefits for employees – including employees who leave the industry before accruing sufficient service to earn a benefit under any long service leave scheme.

“SuperStream” superannuation reporting

By 30 June 2016, all employers are required to meet the SuperStream requirements for making superannuation payments for the benefit of employees.  The requirements cover both the electronic transmission of funds (by EFT or BPAY) and the transmission of data about the payments in a particular format.  Employers can meet the SuperStream requirements in a number of ways, such as by using a compliant payroll system to prepare payments and information files, or by using a superannuation clearing house.  Many businesses may be eligible to use the free services of the Australian Government’s Small Business Super Clearing House.
More information is available from https://www.ato.gov.au/super/superstream/.

CBC Members can obtain further information on Workplace Relations issues and other conditions of employment by calling the Chamber’s Workplace Relations Hotline on 1300 277 881.

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