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Are you interested in becoming a supplier to Canberra’s largest infrastructure project – the Light Rail?

This guide has been developed to help you navigate the process, learn more about the consortium building the light rail and to answer questions that you might have. Of course there are also people available to talk to if your questions are not answered in the guide.

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What questions will the guide answer?

How will light rail be built?
What is a Public Private Partnership or PPP?
Who is Canberra Metro?
What is Canberra Metro’s approach?
How will Canberra Metro source suppliers?
What kind of services/suppliers does Canberra Metro need?
Does Canberra Metro have work packages ready to be released?
How does Canberra Metro make decisions on suppliers?
Will the light rail project use local contractors?
What opportunities will there be for local businesses when construction is finished?
What is a typical tender process?
What are the pre-requisites for working with Canberra Metro?
What if I have a product or service that I think Canberra Metro can use, but isn’t on the list
of goods and services expected to be purchased?
How do I promote my business to Canberra Metro?
Is doing business with Canberra Metro complicated?

Canb Metro Suppliers Guide Cover