Welcome Transport Canberra and City Services

9 May 2016

The ACT Government has brought all transit oriented directorates together under one roof with the creation of Transport Canberra. This exciting development from ACT Government demonstrates a new approach to Canberra’s transport system with the view to creating a contemporary integrated transport network.

Light Rail Business Link welcomes this approach as it clearly recognises the importance of approaching transport in a coordinated manner.

“People don’t just drive a car, or just catch a bus,” Light Rail Business Link Program Manager, Ben Maguire said. “The way we all get around the city involves multiple types of transport. For example, on a work day a person might drive to work, but on a weekend to go to a major event they might catch light rail once it is operational. Others might Park & Ride, Bike & Ride or have some walking in their daily commute.

“The reality is that transport choices are varied and it is great to see the ACT Government integrating planning and development to reflect this.”