Use CBR Assets to Sell Your Assets

Canberra businesses are increasingly looking to secure interstate and international customers. Many are successfully expanding outside our borders.

However, often while businesses have a great pitch about their products and services, their customers may have limited knowledge about Canberra. For some potential customers, this lack of understanding could impact on their decision to purchase a good or service from an ACT-based business.

The Brand Canberra Program has a number of assets that can help you explain all the Canberra Region has to offer.

In particular, it has a beautifully edited booklet full of gorgeous photos of our region and a summary of important facts about the ACT’s economy, population, easy access to markets, and business and investment opportunities. It also highlights the ACT’s status as the capital of Australia and home to its Parliament and many national institutions. The booklet focuses on the region’s reputation as a knowledge hub, its outstanding education system, and culture of innovation and R&D.

Distributing this booklet can probably help you tell people more about the Canberra Region than you ever could in a lengthy conversation. We also have available badges and lanyards so people travelling to tradeshows, conferences or on business trips can show their pride in Canberra and the region.

These assets are designed to help people promote their own business, our city and region and the CBR brand. We would urge anyone thinking about taking a business trip interstate or overseas to talk to us about the material we can supply them with.

If you would like to learn more about available CBR assets, please contact Karen Unwin on 6247 4199 or