Training Getting Local Suppliers on Track for Light Rail Opportunities

23 May 2016

Training getting local suppliers on track for light rail opportunities

The Canberra Business Chamber Light Rail Business Link Program held its first training session this month. The Light Rail Link Program offers a broad range of support and development activities for local companies seeking to build capacity and explore opportunities created by the city’s light rail project.

Reviews of the marketing training held on 10 May 2016 were very positive. According to their feedback, participants found the training informative and engaging.

In addition to updating skills, the training provides participants with an opportunity to network and develop relationships that may lead to work associated with light rail. At least one attendee at the training utilised this forum to connect with the light rail project prime contractor and discuss work they are seeking a local provider to carry out.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Light Rail Business Link training, it’s not too late. To sign up for any of the available training, ring Ben Maguire on 6247 4199 or visit our events page.

The next scheduled courses are:

Contract Management and Managing RisksMonday 23 May – 5-7 pm

Finance & Legal StructuresThursday 26 May – 7-9 am

Bidding to Win BusinessTuesday 14 June 7-9 am

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