Training can help you see the forest for the trees

27 June 2016

Canberra is a city undergoing significant urban renewal, yet it remains the ‘bush capital’ with 56 per cent of the ACT region covered in trees.

As the city changes and matures, local arborists Gold Leaf Tree Services are striving to make sure our valuable urban forest is maintained so Canberra continues to be one of Australia’s ‘greenest’ cities.

While Gold Leaf Tree Services, can plant, care for, and manage trees around your own home, it also works closely with developers, builders and landscape architects to ensure trees are part of the city’s urban design and fabric.

Staff from Gold Leaf Tree Services have signed up for training offered by the Light Rail Business Link Program. Their interest in building capacity goes beyond potential opportunities associated with light rail, and reflects a desire to ensure it has the skills and knowledge to participate in other future infrastructure projects.

“I commend the Canberra Business Chamber on hosting these workshops with some of Canberra’s leading business services providers. We feel much more informed on what’s involved in participating in exciting projects like Light Rail. The workshops demonstrate the Chamber’s commitment to helping local small business connect with local opportunity,” explained James Macpherson, Director Gold Leaf Tree Services.

“With Canberra going through major urban renewal, we value having a relationship with the Canberra Business Chamber to discuss our urban forest and the role it must play in the progression of our city,” Mr Macpherson said.

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