Success for CBR Region business on Trade Mission

Success for CBR Business

28 September 2016

Success for CBR Region business on Trade Mission

Doors were open, connections made with serious buyers, and new markets established – this is how Landon Hodgkinson would summarise the success of his first Trade Mission experience.

Landon is Director of Sales and Marketing for Yass Valley Beef and Yass Valley Lamb. Earlier this month he took part in Canberra Business Chamber’s Trade Mission to South Korea and Japan.

Yass Valley Beef and Lamb are committed to animal welfare, with all animals raised in a natural, free range environment.

It has recently expanded into the Sydney market and had begun to look overseas, with China seeming the best market to focus on initially.

“I would never have contemplated looking for opportunities in South Korea before this Trade Mission,” Landon explained. “I attended a forum held by the Chamber and met others attending this Trade Mission. They had travelled to Seoul and Tokyo the year before and really convinced me this was something that would be valuable for our businesses.”

Having never participated in a Trade Mission before, Landon was pleased at how stress-free and easy the process was.

“Having a team organising everything and a network of other exporters I could tap into made me feel very prepared,” he said. “One of the keys to the success of this trip was both the information I was provided before we left, but also the information potential customers were given.”

Each company Yass Valley Beef and Lamb met with had been provided in advance with significant details about the businesses and their products.

“This meant when we met we quickly moved into a real sales discussion. Every meeting was productive and I am confident we will see sales come from them in the future,” Landon said.

“The Trade Mission opened doors we never could have on our own. As part of a Trade Mission, people knew we were serious and there to connect. The people we met with at each meeting were the right people – the people who could move forward with us.”

Landon also appreciated the advice and tips provided by experienced members of the Trade Mission, from where to stay to places to hold meetings.

“In addition, we met with heads of Austrade and Ambassadors. They are now aware of our business and promoting it when the opportunity arises.”

The result of the Trade Mission is that Yass Valley Beef and Lamb are excited about the opportunities presented by these two markets and will now be focusing its efforts on South Korea and Japan.

“It not only opened our eyes to the opportunities, but I am confident this trip will lead to new customers for our business,” Landon said. “It will help our business grow and potentially have flow-on benefits for the local region.

“I would definitely go on a Trade Mission again, including another to Seoul and Tokyo.”

Canberra Business Chamber will be holding another Trade Mission to South Korea and Japan in 2017.

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