Territory Traffic Engineering keeping Canberra moving

Territory Traffic Engineering

12 December 2016

Territory Traffic Engineering keeping Canberra moving

Major infrastructure projects often impact traffic movement and the better this is managed the less driver frustration there will be over delays and the more efficiently a project can be completed.

Anyone driving along the light rail route where construction is now underway, will likely appreciate the amount of effort required for traffic management and the amount of planning behind it.

A large portion of the credit for traffic management along the corridor can be attributed to Canberra’s own Territory Traffic Engineering (TTE).

Territory Traffic Engineering Pty Ltd (TTE) is an engineering consultancy providing temporary traffic management planning in ACT & NSW, traffic control training and a variety of drafting services. The team provides temporary traffic management services including concept planning, staged works planning and local authority approvals, utilising their skills and the latest software to ensure information accuracy and quality of presentation.

“Every time you see a roadworks sign on a Canberra street, it has been planned and approved,” TTE Managing Director Mark Ritchie explained.

TTE is engaged by the contractor to plan out the road works needs and schedule them in advance, they then arrange all approvals.

The company’s expertise and experience enables them to help contractors assess traffic management requirements, devise a plan that will minimise impact and allow work to be completed as quickly as possible.

“We provide our clients with an independent overview of the traffic management plans that will be required for each project. Resourcing to implement the plans is managed by the contractor,” Mr Ritchie said.

TTE is now assisting with design of traffic management plans for construction of Canberra’s light rail.

“We were very proactive and introduced our company to Canberra Metro as soon as they were announced as the preferred contractor,” Mr Ritchie said. “This ensured we were in the mix when it came time for them to look for a traffic management partner.”

While TTE was involved with construction of Majura Parkway, Mr Ritchie believes light rail will be the biggest project for the ACT in terms of traffic management planning.

TTE expects to expand due to its involvement with light rail. It has already employed an additional staff member since beginning work with Canberra Metro.

Mr Ritchie encourages other local businesses to explore opportunities presented by light rail. “Our experience with Canberra Metro has been very positive. Staff are always helpful and seem highly committed to involving Canberra businesses in this project.”

TTE has utilised Light Rail Business Link to attend activities where it has been able to network and connect with key stakeholders.

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