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International Business Connect – Doing Business in North America

The Canberra Business Chamber, ACT Government along with Austrade have joined together to create a series of bi-monthly themed networking events, hosted by a successful local business operating internationally. International Business Connect will provide an opportunity to hear the host’s story and insights, meet and share with new and experienced exporters and build our region’s alumni of successful international businesses prepared to help each other.

Join us for the inaugural International Business Connect – Doing Business in North America

Special guests:

US Economic Counsellor
Canadian Senior Trade Commissioner
Liquid Instruments
ACT Government, Austrade representatives

Seeing Machines is a world leader in driver monitoring systems, striving to make a positive impact on safety across multiple transport sectors including automotive, commercial transport, aviation, mining and rail.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Australian Road Safety Foundation.



Business Fundamentals: Key things you need to know when starting your business

Business Fundamentals is the perfect workshop for those thinking about going into business, or even those who are in the early stages of business. It will give you a basic outline of everything you need to know – from Tax and Legal obligations to marketing your business successfully!

This full day workshop is divided into three sessions:

8:45am – 12.30pm

TAX – Compliance, simplified accounting and strategic planning.

LEGAL – Business structures, branding and IP, premises, insurance, employment and privacy.

Delivered by Nexis Accountants


MARKETING – Knowing your target market, creating marketing goals, budgeting and evaluating.

Delivered by Threesides Marketing

Morning Tea and Lunch provided

This is a Level 1 workshop
“Business Essentials: Business 101 training to give you the basics to get started in business. Suited to business intenders, entrepreneurs or early stage business.”


Light Rail Business Link program helping local companies go for ‘Gold’

Gold Leaf Tree Services

Light Rail Business Link program helping local companies go for ‘Gold’

One goal of the Light Rail Business Link program is to help ACT businesses be ‘project ready’ to take advantage of major infrastructure investment by ensuring they have appropriate skills to participate where possible. It has provided specific training opportunities and information sessions to provide Canberra based businesses with the knowledge to effectively seek out opportunities related to light rail.

Gold Leaf Tree Services may be a small, local business but it didn’t stop them taking an active interest in the project early on through the Light Rail Business Link information sessions. They then successfully bid for work to assist with light rail corridor preparation.

“The training offered by the Light Rail Business Link program gave us confidence to bid for work on major infrastructure projects, like light rail,” Director Gold Leaf Tree Services, James Macpherson said.

“It helped us have realistic expectations, understand the process, and be sufficiently prepared to bid if the opportunity presented itself.

“We learnt how to minimise risks, highlight our strengths, and who to seek tailored advice from when we needed it.”

Gold Leaf is committed to highlighting the role arboriculture plays in Canberra’s urban renewal and felt it could offer local insight to the light rail project.

“While our initial contract related to safe, timely tree removal along the corridor,” Mr Macpherson said, “we’ve also been able to liaise with Canberra Metro and provide strategic advice on tree management based on our extensive local knowledge.

“We look forward to seeing the new trees planted and professionally nurtured for the enjoyment of everyone along the corridor.”

Removal of trees along the busy corridor required application of tree felling techniques that would enable the work to be completed efficiently and safely.

“We’re proud of our staff who demonstrated their specialised skills on this project. There’s a shortage of skilled arborists in the ACT and we believe this high-profile project will remind people this is an interesting job and a qualification worth seeking.”

To learn more about Gold Leaf Tree Services visit: www.goldleaftreeservices.com.au

6 April 2017

Healthier Workplace Leaders Workshop

Healthy Workplace Leaders Workshop and lunch

DATE: Friday 26 May 2017

TIME: 11.30am to 1.30pm
VENUE: Canberra Business Chamber

Have you nominated your healthier workplace leader?

Canberra Business Chamber is excited to partner with the ACT Government-Healthier Work initiative to deliver an informative workshop for NEW healthier workplace leaders to help drive health and wellbeing programs in ACT businesses.

Workplace health promotion is not just about health education. It’s about fostering healthy workplace policies and supportive environments, enhancing positive social conditions, building personal skills, organisational resilience and promoting healthylifestyles. Organisations that  implement health promotion strategies in the workplace can reduce their workers’ health risk factors by up to 56%, increase productivity by 15% and increase staff morale and job satisfaction.

This informative and interactive workshop for NEW leaders will cover:

  • The benefits of a healthy workplace
  • What your organisation can do
  • Tools on how to get started
  • How to become a recognised workplace
  • And how to access free support

Delivered in partnership with ACT Government – Healthier Work

Attendance is free and includes a healthy lunch


This is a Level 3 workshop
“Business Capability: In an ever changing market place it is vital you and your team innovate and educate to continue succeeding and manage risk. From professional development training and competency to business strategy and succession planning, the business capability training sessions will keep you ahead of the game.”

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