Could super make you an employer of choice?

CareSuper - Could Super make you an employer of choice?

Improving your business prospects with super

Is superannuation simply another administrative burden, or could an effective super arrangement help improve your business prospects as well as your employees’ lives after work?

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Is your super arrangement right for your workplace?

With so many other pressures on your day-to-day, you may reasonably expect your employees to take on the burden of super choice. After all, it’s their money.

But many employees won’t choose their own super and are relying on your decision as their employer. This means that the choices you make now can be critical to their financial future.

Could your super arrangement help attract and retain talent?

In an increasingly transient workforce, it’s important to stand out. So, how do you differentiate yourself from competitors?

According to an Employee Benefits Trends Study by MetLife,*^ 43% of surveyed employees were ‘extremely’ concerned about outliving their retirement money and 53% were interested in additional super contributions, which could help them retire more comfortably.

Whether it’s being able to provide extra super benefits, or simply being aware of your employees’ stressors, knowledge is power and could help you position your business more favourably. For example, if you’ve carefully chosen a competitive default super arrangement, but you haven’t successfully communicated this to your employees, doing so could help boost morale and employee engagement.

And remember, while the responsibility of making super payments rests on you, delivering on the benefits of the super arrangement doesn’t. You can involve your super fund representative in induction processes, or invite them to conduct super education seminars in your workplace to help your employees grow their super savvy.

Who can assist you with your super decision-making?

When assessing super for your workplace, it’s important to consider things such as strong long-term investment performance, easy options for making payments and value for money when it comes to fees and benefits.

For help, you can engage a super professional, such as CareSuper’s Canberra-based Client Partnership Manager, Rachel Dobing. Rachel can visit your workplace and help you work out the best way to fit super into your business.

To arrange a ‘super health check’ with Rachel, email or call 0498 008 776.

Who is CareSuper?

CareSuper was established in 1986 and is Australia’s largest industry super fund for professionals. CareSuper manages super for over 247,000 Australians and supports more than 66,000 employers with their super obligations. CareSuper is proud to be a Canberra Business Chamber Principal Member.

*Source: MetLife, Employee Benefit Trends Study Australia – highlights, 2016.
^MetLife is CareSuper’s insurer and partners with CareSuper to provide insurance cover for members.

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