Stage 2 of Light Rail unveiled

2 September 2016



Construction of a complete light rail network which links all major centres has the potential to benefit local businesses, city development and the visitor economy, Canberra Business Chamber said today.

The ACT Government has unveiled plans for the second stage of the light rail system – which it will start work on if re-elected next month.

“Stage 1 is already underway,” Canberra Business Chamber CEO, Robyn Hendry explained, “and it offers many opportunities for local businesses during both the construction and operation phases.”

Around $75 million in work packages associated with Stage 1 were recently released and local businesses now have the chance to tender for professional services, plant, material, road and building works.

“ACT businesses already engaged with the project have told us their involvement is having a positive impact on their capacity and employment in the region,” Ms Hendry said.

Plans for Stage 2 unveiled today prioritise a connection from the city centre to Woden via Commonwealth Avenue Bridge.

“We are interested in seeing more details about the proposed route,” Ms Hendry said, “and understanding how route selection was made. In particular, we would like to know more about how this stacks up against linking in Russell and the airport as part of the next stage. We look forward to seeing the business case for Stage 2.”

“Overall we support establishment of a whole light rail network, rather than a single route. The benefits of a single route are limited.

“Ongoing development of a complete system will be good for Canberra Region businesses, particularly those who have gained experience during Stage 1.”

If ACT Labor is elected and moves forward with Stage 2, Canberra Business Chamber will work with the local business sector to maximise the benefits of this infrastructure investment and mitigate risks associated with the construction.

Media Contact: Robyn Hendry, Canberra Business Chamber CEO 0418 462 151