Recruit Assist

We know first-hand that many small businesses struggle to recruit the right people for their business due to a lack of resources, expertise, or time.

That’s why Canberra Business Chamber offers a comprehensive recruitment support service, tailored just for small and medium business.

Recruit Assist is a fixed price service. You know exactly what you’ll pay, and exactly what you’ll receive.

“Recruit Assist” is a service for members of the Canberra Business Chamber The service has been specially designed for small – medium businesses who do not have their own human resources support and/or the resources to engage a specialist recruitment provider.

What makes it different to utilising a specialist recruitment company?

“RecruitAssist” is a fixed price service, designed to support small businesses by providing them with an inhouse capability for recruitment. Recruit Assist is intended to support recruitment of generalist, administrative and operations roles. As a guide, these roles will have a salary range of up to 80,000 per year.

Recruit Assist is a support service, not a placement service, does not target or approach individuals to fill roles and does not maintain a talent database.

If Recruit Assist doesn’t meet your needs, we can refer you to our members who can provide recruitment and placement services.

“Recruit Assist” is available to current Business, Corporate, and Kindred Members of the Canberra Business Chamber.

Members will receive the following support and/or advice.


  • Design and development of the recruitment campaign, including targeted advertising for you to place under your own brand.


  • Management of applicant enquiries, directing them to our telephone number and a member allocated email address, for example
  • Receipt and acknowledgement of all applications on behalf the member.
  • Initial shortlisting, including the phone screening of the top 5 shortlisted applicants.


  • Support to develop an applicant assessment process, interview questions and co-ordination of interviews.
  • You will conduct interviews yourself with these resources, although for an additional cost we can attend or facilitate interviews attendance/facilitation support dependent on the size and complexity of the recruitment process.
  • Advising unsuccessful candidates and providing feedback on behalf of the member.
  • Undertaking Vevo Immigration (Right to work) Checks, plus reference checking (two reference checks on the preferred candidate).

“RecruitAssist requires a one-off upfront payment of $4,000 + GST, payable prior to commencement of the service. Payment is by credit card unless otherwise agreed.

These is no limit to the number of times a member can utilise the service. Recruit Assist is designed to meet specific business needs, and Canberra Business Chamber may (and reserves the right to) discuss with you further the scope of service and your requirements before accepting an assignment.

If the recruitment process does not successfully identify a suitable candidate, we will work with you to reassess the applicant pool, or, if deemed necessary and as agreed by both parties, complete a further limited recruitment process to attract and identify a suitable applicant. Any additional advertising costs will be met by you.

The Canberra Business Chamber does offer a “Service Guarantee” the details of which are outlined in the Service Agreement provided prior to the commencement of any service.

The Canberra Business Chamber and its representatives will only hold the information required to deliver the service and ensure quality standards are met.

To enable the service, you will establish / provide an email address to be used in the recruitment process, and an account with an online job board (e.g SEEK). Canberra Business Chamber will access this email address and online account to access and download applicant information for the purpose of applicant assessment, co-ordination of interviews and validation process.

The Chamber will hold not applicant information/documents.

You can read the Canberra Business Chamber’s privacy policy here.

If you have any concerns in relation to the delivery of this service Members can contact The Chief Operating Officer Canberra Business Chamber.

Ph: 02 6247 4199 or

Yes, the Canberra Business Chamber offers a broad range of support under its “EmployerAssist” model. These include:

  • Employer Help Line
  • Consultancy
  • Employer Resource Shop

For further information contact the Chamber on 02 6247 4199.

Should you require a service outside the scope outlined above, please refer to our list of Canberra Business Chamber members who can also help you with recruitment or HR related services.