Pulling Together to Build Canberra’s Brand

Anyone who has holidayed to a popular tourist destination or event will have invariably come across a situation that led to them asking a question along the lines of ‘what are they thinking?’.

You may have heard this utterance if you are down the South Coast for a long weekend and find the restaurant or shop you wanted to visit closed on the Sunday or Monday. Visitors will wonder why locals aren’t contributing to, and of course profiting from, the experience enjoyed by the predictable influx of tourists.

Major sporting, cultural and music events are another time a local community might have opposing views on whether visitors are a good thing or not.

For example, it has been estimated the Ironman Canada triathlon race generates over $17 million in economic benefits for the province. Yet this reportedly hasn’t stopped locals showing their displeasure with the disruption the event causes by throwing tacks on the road to cause riders to get flats.

The point to be learned from these case studies is that a united front is needed to build a positive reputation of a town, city or region.

This is the goal of Brand CBR. It not just about giving Canberra a logo; it is a collective idea and effort in spreading the word about who the city is and what it has to offer.

The CBR brand is all about growing the reputation of our city and region and attracting more people to visit, study, live and do business here.

Developing a strong brand for Canberra makes good business sense. If we attract more people and more investment to our region, it means more skills, more jobs, more prosperity and a better way of life.

This month, Brand CBR has launched the Brand Canberra Business Partnership Kit, which outlines how each of us can contribute.

First of all, grab a copy of the kit to learn more about Brand CBR and how your business can get involved. The kit also includes:

  • “We Are CBR” window stickers to display in your shopfront or office window
  • “We Are CBR” bumper stickers for staff and/or customers
  • CBR lapel pins

Businesses can raise awareness of the We Are CBR Brand and position it as a symbol of pride for the region. You can pop the logo on your website, play a part in increasing social activity around #WeAreCBR and become a key producer of user-generated content for Brand CBR.

For a copy of the Brand Canberra Business Partnership Kit, please contact Karen Unwin on 6247 4199 or karen.unwin@canberrabusiness.com

20 September 2016