Submission to the SEGWAY Review

Segways on Lake


17 May 2016

Canberra Business Chamber (CBC) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the review of Segway and Segway type vehicles used in the Australian Capital Territory.

CBC views increased accessibility of Segways as an important contribution to the ACT reaching the title of the “coolest little capital city” in the world, an aspiration of the ACT Chief Minister. Segways are seen as increasing the vibrancy, agility and connectedness of the ACT -key attributes of the CBC’s Destination 2030 vision.

CBC supports adoption of Queensland type legislation as a minimum for government reform. In Queensland Segways are permitted to operate on the left side of footpaths, shared paths, bicycle paths, and on the bicycle side of separated paths. A number of other countries have a similar or even more liberal approach to Segways, including New Zealand and Germany.

Deregulating through adoption of the Queensland type legislation would also foster development of tourist products and grow the tourism industry in the ACT. In Berlin, Germany, the accessibility of Segways offers a unique and enhanced visitor experience.

CBC sees that under certain conditions Segways should be allowed to travel on roads, providing it is safe and they do not create congestion. CBC proposes that the ACT Government adopts risk based and cost benefit frameworks for assessing whether Segway’s and other similarly innovative products are given pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle legislative status. The development of such a framework will see rapid adoption of new personal mobility devices and foster innovative transport options.

I welcome the opportunity to elaborate further on the points raised in this submission.

Robyn Hendry
Chief Executive Officer