Submission to the ACT Government – ACT Budget 2016-17

act budget submission 2016/2017


30 November 2015

Submission to the ACT Government – ACT Budget 2016-17


1. The 2016-17 ACT Budget provide funding of $200,000 per annum for a period of no less than three years for employment of a Business Trade Liaison Officer to share knowledge of
opportunities and support an increase in exports by local businesses.

2. The ACT Government allocate $70,000 in non-recurrent funding in the 2016-17 Budget to support establishment of the CBR Region Business Lounge to enable small businesses to conduct meetings vital to their future growth.

3. Following successful completion of the business and healthier foods for children pilot, Canberra Business Chamber continue to partner with ACT Health to expand this important program through a roll-out of future phases to increase local business participation.

4. The ACT Government provide substantial additional funding per annum for Visit Canberra and the Canberra Convention Bureau and guarantee this funding for the next four years to lift visitor numbers to the region.

5. Maintain funding for the ACT’s international marketing campaign to support growth in international visitor numbers and new direct international flights into Canberra.

6. The ACT Government provide funding of $200,000 to establish an Internship Coordinator position and digital tools to develop and maintain relationships between the labour market and education and training institutions to help prepare our future workforce and support the growth strategy of our education and training sector.

7. That the ACT Government explore, in partnership with industry, initiatives to improve apprenticeships and the pathway to trade qualifications.

8. The ACT Government utilise funds committed to progressing development of the Australia Forum without delay and work with the Australian Government and private sector to secure funding for this project.

9. The ACT Government continue to support delivery of initiatives which improve capacity of local businesses and facilitate growth.

10. The ACT Government work with Canberra Business Chamber to ensure eligible companies are exempt from payroll tax.

11. Following submission of a business plan, the ACT Government provide a one-off grant for establishment of a NFP Service Centre to support not-for-profit organisations increase
capacity and operate more effectively.

12. The Canberra city centre must be rejuvenated to ensure it accurately reflects the city’s identity.

13. The ACT Government continue planning and design work for a major upgrade of Piallago Avenue as a main arterial road connecting the fast growing Local Government Council Areas of Queanbeyan and Palerang.