Policy and Advocacy

The Chamber advocates on the issues that affect business in the ACT and capital region.

Through regular engagement with members – businesses, industry associations and community groups – we’ve developed a policy platform that captures the issues impacting on business now and into the future.

We’ve identified four key advocacy priorities:

  1. Fostering economic growth and diversity;
  2. Skills and workforce development;
  3. Improving government efficiency and regulation;
  4. Ensuring there’s sufficient support for small business.

You can find out more about these in our 2020 policy priorities document. We also prepare detailed policy submissions outlining the changes needed to make it easier to start and grow business in Canberra and the broader Capital region, as well as representing the business community to local media and press.

As the trusted voice of business, we meet regularly with ACT and federal government Ministers, Shadow Ministers, Members of Parliament and senior public servants, and sit on advisory and consultative boards to government.

To ensure we’re reflecting the views of business and the community, we engage directly with members through:

  1. Forums in which our members can also work directly with governments (such as our political roundtables).
  2. Our Policy Taskforce is a group of senior business leaders drawn together to develop the major policies needed for the future development of Canberra.
  3. Kindred member forums provide a means for industry association and not-for-profit organisation CEOs to meet together regularly to share ideas, develop common policies, and provide their views to government.
  4. Regular meetings of local business precinct groups that bring together suburb and district specific businesses to address their concerns.