Hand Across Canberra

Canberra Business Chamber is proud to support our Community Business Partner, Hands Across Canberra.

This initiative is unique to Canberra and is about locals supporting those most vulnerable in our community. A healthy, vibrant, economically successful city must be inclusive of all and Hands Across Canberra makes an important difference to those Canberrans in need of a hand. Please join us in supporting this important Canberra cause.

About the Foundation

Hands Across Canberra was launched in November 2010 to provide a simple way for Canberrans to adopt more regular habits with regard to philanthropy. Through the Hands Across Canberra portal Canberrans have a cost effective, flexible and financially secure vehicle to contribute to local charities. Hands Across Canberra helps to keep the wealth that is created locally within the local Canberra community.

Hands Across Canberra is working to:

Increase giving by making it easy for Canberrans to help other Canberrans

Increase resources to build the capacity of community organisations

Provide leadership and co-ordination for high impact solutions to community problems

Celebrate the community spirit and generosity that exists and provide public recognition for the work of philanthropists and service providers

The Foundation aims to fill a range of gaps that exist in our community sector, including:

  • providing a vehicle for people and businesses to easily and actively engage in philanthropic activities and partnerships to address the issues facing our community especially the really tough or unfashionable causes being addressed by the community sector;
  • providing co-ordination and leadership by establishing a clear and long-term ambition that corporations, government, foundations, individuals and community organisations can engage with and which can assist in growing community connectedness;
  • building a permanent endowment and generating increasing resources to meet Canberra’s current and changing needs;
  • building the capacity of donors and grant recipients to access and manage funds more effectively;
  • opening up new forms and areas of social investment; and
  • providing public recognition for the work of philanthropists, service providers and communities.


The Foundation aims to build on the existing range of supports for the community sector. It is not a substitute for government funding but rather a means of further broadening the funding base for the community sector.

The Hands Across Canberra Board has a view that over time a pool of investment funds will be established from which support can be provided from income earned. In its early phases, however, the majority of funds raised are being allocated to community organisations in the year of the donation.