Open Data Discussion Paper

Open Data Discusson Paper


Your Open Data Opportunity
Ten Key Questions for the Canberra Community

14 February 2017

This Discussion Paper seeks the views of the Canberra business and wider community on the issue of Open Data.

Open Data is one of several targets identified in CBC’s May 2016 document Destination 2030: A Vision for Canberra. Destination 2030 provides a roadmap for Canberra to build on its current strengths and set goals and priorities for the future as a resilient, liveable, agile, connected and international city. Destination 2030 envisages Canberra as:

“… a connected and agile city – smart and sustainable within a dynamic and prosperous regional economy. It is a city which provides fulfilling and exciting opportunities for business, education and social endeavours, with a quality of life unparalleled elsewhere”

Destination 2030 identified industry and government standards for Open Data sets as a central issue. Such standards underpin access to and use of Open Data.

CBC’s Innovation Taskforce has examined this further during 2016 and has identified a wider set of issues which can be addressed to provide opportunities for new businesses, economic growth and cost savings in both public and private sectors. Big data is coming – CBC wants to ensure that we are in a good position to capture the benefits.

CBC now seeks public input in the Open Data issues that have been considered by the Taskforce during 2016, for both Canberra and the wider region. This paper is not a comprehensive review of all current actions nationally or internationally but is designed to promote thought about possible practicable ways forward.

Your opinions are sought on this issue by 16 March 2017.

While the Discussion Paper asks a number of specific questions, contributors are welcome to comment on related issues.

Send your comments and submissions to:

POST: Policy Officer, Canberra Business Chamber, 216 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon ACT 2612


OR complete our online survey at

Open Data Discussion Paper COVER


  1. What is Open Data?
  2. Big Data Value Chain
  3. Capturing Value
  4. How has Government been Contributing?
  5. What Needs to be Done?
  6. What Happens Next?