Membership Up, Finances Strong: Business Chamber Releases Latest Annual Report

20 November 2019


Membership Up, Finances Strong: Business Chamber Releases Latest Annual Report

Canberra Business Chamber today released its latest Annual Report, showing a major improvement in its finances and membership over the last year.

“As Canberra’s peak business body, it’s important that we perform strongly, keep our own house in order and continue to deliver on major new initiatives for our members,” Chamber CEO Dr Michael Schaper said today.

Key achievements over the last financial year have included:

  • An operating surplus of $135,000 for the year ending June 2019
  • Budget deficit eliminated and balance sheet now positive again
  • Strong growth in membership numbers
  • 5 major events held with over 1,500 attendees
  • 8,000 contacts listed on our database of regional local businesses
  • More than 1,500 phone calls and enquiries received by our workplace relations service advice lines

“We also conducted our first member survey in several years early in 2019, and the result was emphatic: members want us to focus on advocacy to government, providing networking and social opportunities, and practical workplace relations assistance. So they’re the areas we are now focusing on.”

A number of new changes have also taken place since the end of the financial year.

“Membership, in particular, has grown by almost 10% over the course of 2019,” Dr Schaper said today, “and now stands at almost 600. In addition, we have become the only state or territory Chamber in the country that has diplomatic missions as direct members. Panama, Mexico and Russia have all joined in recent months, and we hope to welcome more in future.

“We are keen to grow our membership. The Chamber is a broad church that intends to represent the full cross-section of the business community, and we welcome any and all new members.”

“At the same time, whilst we have continued to deliver a number of key services such as inclusion in employment, trade assistance and the mature age workers program, we have also begun to reduce our reliance on ACT government funding. This will allow us to remain a strong independent voice for the business sector.”

View the full copy of the 2018/19 Annual Report