Casino Site Development Part of City Revitalisation

18 December 2015


In its recent ACT Budget submission, Canberra Business Chamber called for the rejuvenation of Civic Centre to be prioritised in the interest of demonstrating the city’s identity.
“A number of infrastructure projects, such as development of a world-class convention centre and public transport investment, are key to the ACT being a modern, vibrant city that truly reflects its status as the capital of Australia,” Canberra Business Chamber CEO Robyn Hendry said.

“Unfortunately while Canberra has a highly educated population, a socially conscious
community, and is a clean, green and tech savvy innovative city, this is not evident in the city centre – which requires some attention and investment.”

“Private businesses and organisations are playing a role in breathing life into the city centre and are to be commended for their commitment.”

Aquis Entertainment, is proposing to spend $350 million redeveloping the current Casino
Canberra site.

“Investment of this level will create local jobs during the construction phase and beyond,”
Ms Hendry said.

“The planned leisure and entertainment facilities will support our burgeoning tourism industry by helping to attract visitors to our city and providing more accommodation options for them. It will help bring locals into the city centre to meet for coffee, meals and other recreational pursuits.”

“We are working hard to brand the city as a place of ‘brilliant possibilities’ and as city that is ‘confident, bold and ready’, yet the outside observer visiting our city centre would not find cues that reaffirm these messages.

“Therefore we need a curated approach to development of the city centre which bridges the gap between the City Plan – which concentrates on spatial layout and large scale development priorities – and development of the city’s character.

“The proposed integrated resort in the Canberra CBD by Aquis Entertainment will potentially do both these things – provide a large scale development that improves the city aesthetically, while bringing more activity to Civic by attracting people to visit, stay and socialise.”

Media Contact: Robyn Hendry, CEO Canberra Business Chamber 0418 462 151