Canberra businesses map out a post-COVID future



Canberra businesses map out a post-COVID future

Canberra businesses are meeting over the next two weeks to map out the shape of the local economy in the post-COVID era.

The Canberra Business Chamber is convening a series of in-depth forums with the Territory’s other major industry associations – the first one commencing last Friday, 5 June.

“It’s clear that the future recovery of the ACT economy is going to have to be private sector led,” Chamber CEO Graham Catt said today. “Governments around the country are now heavily indebted and have limited capacity to spend their way out in the long term. Many jobs have already been lost. If we want to have full employment in the ACT, it’s now going to have to come from private enterprise.

“To do that, we need to identify both the current blockers and the future engines of growth, and work with the ACT government and industry groups on these. That’s what our forums will be doing,” said Mr Catt

Key issues raised within the first forum included the need for ongoing cashflow for businesses to survive in the post-COVID environment, JobKeeper continuation, ensuring the ACT economy remains competitive, and more support for startups and innovation, as well as the ACT tourism sector. A consistent theme has been the risk for many businesses of “falling off a cliff” when support runs out and they are left without a viable operation.

The results will be collated and presented to the business community and the ACT Government in the coming weeks.

Individual businesses that want to have their say can also email the chamber directly at