The Canberra Business Chamber has welcomed the release of the 2022-23 ACT Skills Needs List, and the addition of 40 new qualifications to address skills gaps.

Chamber CEO Graham Catt said: “The release of the 2022-23 ACT Skills Needs List, with the inclusion of more roles and sectors, is a good step towards developing the skills and workers we need to support the ACT’s economic recovery and growth. But much more is still needed for Canberra’s businesses.”

In its 2022-2023 Budget Submission, the Chamber called on the ACT Government to urgently address this crisis facing ACT businesses, and to invest in supporting ACT businesses in the global competition to attract and retain skills and talent.

“The business community understands that there are no easy fixes for this complex problem. But they do want to know that the government understands the impact and the scale of the problem, and in the upcoming ACT Budget on 1 August 2022 they want to see real investment in skills development, attraction, and retention strategies,” Mr Catt said.

There are 31,500 private businesses in the ACT, who provide almost two thirds – around 150,000 – of the territory’s jobs. The vast majority are small and family businesses employing 1 to 20 staff.  

The Chamber provided the ACT Government with suggestions and guidance to improve the consultation processes used to develop the list.

“By engaging with local business though additional channels like our own communications, and by speaking the language of business owners rather than bureaucrats, Skills Canberra saw a 300% increase in the number of responses to their skills needs survey,” said Mr Catt.

“That means better data and better policy decisions, and this is crucial as right now skills and labour shortages are at crisis point in the ACT, threatening the livelihoods of small local businesses and putting a handbrake on the economic growth of the territory.”

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