ACT gets High Grades for Destination 2030 Progress

Destination 2030 First Year Report Card
Destination 2030 First Year Report Card

31 October 2017


ACT gets High Grades for Destination 2030 Progress

The ACT has got off to a good start in achieving Destination 2030: A Vision for Canberra, according to a report card released by the Canberra Business Chamber.

Destination 2030 is a roadmap for achieving a Canberra Region that is Connected, Agile, International, Liveable and Resilient. Reflecting on the first year since its release, the report card scores progress against each of these priorities.

“This vision was developed through comprehensive consultation with Chamber members and our Kindred Organisations,” Canberra Business Chamber Chair, Glenn Keys explained. “What we developed were key agreed goals which can be achieved through collaboration between governments, business, the community and individuals.

“The 2017 First Year Report Card is designed to ensure we are on track as we move towards 2030.

Although only one year into the 15-year journey, the report card shows significant headway has already been made, with no priority area scoring less than a B for achievement to date.

The highest score was an A+ for Connected followed by Agile, International, Liveable and Resilient.

“Positive steps have been taken under each criterion,” Mr Keys praised. “International flights have been a major win, as has establishment of the City Renewal Authority, light rail, support for social enterprises, and efforts to combat obesity.”

While grades were very respectable, the report card also highlights areas for attention in the coming year.

Challenges that still need to be addressed to move the Canberra Region closer to its 2030 vision include:

  • Continuing to build and facilitate links between research and tertiary institutions, business, embassies and government.
  • Further economic diversification into cyber security and the development of related skills, training and education.
  • Understanding and resolving freight supply chain and infrastructure issues across the Canberra Region.
  • Successfully undertaking an Autonomous Vehicle Trial.
  • Securing investment for major infrastructure projects, such as the Australia Forum, which will drive economic growth and business opportunities.
  • Developing partnerships between government and business to establish Canberra as a world leader in the development and application of renewable energy technology.


A full copy of the Destination 2030 Report Card can be found here.


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