Our Kindred Organisations

A diverse group of specialists

The Chamber has a diverse group of specialist members, referred to as Kindred Organisations, who play a unique and vital role in the our advocacy efforts. Together with our Kindred Organisations, we are committed to working with ACT and federal governments to ensure policy outcomes that are conducive to growth in the private business sector and to ensure revenues are available to the Government to implement its programs.

Whilst the Chamber focuses on strategic and economy-wide matters, its Kindred Organisations play a fundamental role in addressing the detail of industry-specific matters. A broad range of industries form CBC’s Kindred Organisations, chosen strategically to provide a diverse array of key stakeholders in the economic development of the Capital Region. An essential part of the preparation for strategic submissions, position papers and/or policies, that either touch on or concern a particular industry, commercial or professional interest, will involve close consultation with the Kindred Organisations.

The Chamber fosters a positive relationship with these industry associations and encourages collaboration between and with them.

Think your business would benefit from becoming a Kindred Member? Learn more here.