Medical Symbiosis are our WIN Business of the Month for February 2017

Dex - Medical Symbiosis - WIN Business of the Month

Congratulations to Medical Symbiosis, our February 2017 WIN Business of the Month

20 February 2017

A new innovative Canberra start-up is poised to change the face of medical surgery in Australia, and certainly make things more comfortable for patients.

Traditional practice has been for patients to be asked to fast from midnight the evening before surgery. For patients with afternoon surgery or when surgery is delayed, this can often mean 12 or more hours without food.

Fasting is a precautionary measure to prevent pulmonary aspiration, which occurs when stomach contents enter the lungs, potentially blocking airflow and putting patients at risk for serious infections such as pneumonia.

While fasting guidelines are being revised and loosened, many patients still find themselves going without food for long periods.

A long fast may add to discomfort during recovery and actually use up energy needed for post-op recovery. Fasting can lead to headaches, nausea, dizziness and dehydration. Dehydration can be serious and makes it difficult for nurses to draw blood for necessary tests.

Medical Symbiosis, the brain-child of Canberra medical professional David Reiner, is developing a new sustenance product that can be consumed up to one hour before surgery to ensure patient’s energy is safely replenished.

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