Prior to welcoming passengers on board, the light rail system undergoes a rigorous testing and commissioning process. This important phase of the project ensures the light rail is fully functional and safe to carry passengers before services commence.

Over the coming months, the community will notice changes along the light rail corridor as the project nears completion and progresses into testing and commissioning phase.

Testing will happen in sections along the alignment, starting towards the Gungahlin end of the line.

Electrification of overhead wires

Electrification of the new overhead wires that power the light rail is the first stage of testing and commissioning. Stay safe! Although the overhead wires are more than 6 metres above the rail track, the wires are LIVE and dangerous.  Always keep a safe distance and never come into contact with the wire.

Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) testing

Prior to light rail vehicles travelling along the alignment, the tracks will be cleaned and prepared. This is conducted by a small diesel-powered vehicle.

The tracks are then ready for testing of the Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs).

LRV testing will initially be carried out at low speed, gradually increasing as tests are completed. New signage and traffic controls will be in place. Please be aware and remember to obey all signs and road rules. Early stages of LRV testing will take place at night to enable the final stages of construction and landscaping to continue during the day. As the light rail project progresses, testing will continue along different parts of the light rail corridor. To keep up to date about testing in your area, visit

While the LRVs are completing their tests, other elements of the system will be commissioned and training of staff will occur. Once the testing and commissioning phase is complete. The service will be opened for passengers.

Stay safe!

  • Never attempt to access the light rail corridor during the construction and testing period. While light rail stops may look complete, the project is still a construction zone and LRVs will not transport passengers until commencement of services.
  • Keep flying objects such as drones and kites well away from the overhead wire. The overhead wire is LIVE and carries 750 volts of power. Keep away!
  • It is prohibited to drive, walk or cycle along rail tracks.
  • Always cross light rail tracks at designated pedestrian crossings.
  • When cycling, crossing in a wheelchair or with a pram, always obey the road rules and cross the tracks at a right angle to avoid getting wheels stuck in the rail groove.
  • LRVs are quiet and move quickly. Avoid distractions like earphones or texting. Stay alert! LRVs can approach from either direction.
  • In the event of an emergency, dial 000.

Watch the Canberra Metro safety video for tips on staying safe around light rail.

For trades people and contractors, if you need to do work around the light rail corridor, contact Canberra Metro first at 1300 208 824.

To stay up to date on light rail works and testing in your area, visit