Light Rail Business Link Program Helps Accommodation Providers Plan

25 July 2016

Light Rail Business Link Program helps accommodation providers plan for continuity during light rail construction

With light rail construction now officially underway, detail will become more readily available about opportunities for local businesses and construction timetables.

Accommodation providers will shortly have a chance to hear directly from Canberra Metro about construction plans and estimated schedules.

During consultation on the light rail project, local hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast operators expressed a need to understand how construction may impact on their businesses. In particular, they had questions related to access to their premises, noise and amenity.

Canberra Metro Director for Design and Construction, Kevin Brady will address a forum of accommodation owners later this month to provide an update on design and next steps. It will be an opportunity for the sector to openly discuss their concerns and start to work collaboratively to minimise anticipated issues.

The forum will be held at Canberra Business Chamber (216 Northbourne Ave) from 10-11 am on Thursday, 28 July 2016. Anyone wishing to attend the forum should call Erica on 02 6247 4199 or email

To help accommodation providers and other businesses manage during the construction phase, and ensure they are able to take advantage of the increase in patronage light rail is expected to drive, based on experience in other cities, the forum will be followed by a Business Continuity Webinar.

The goal of the webinar will be to “have experienced experts highlight the areas of planning local businesses can control,” Light Rail Business Link Program Manager, Ben Maguire explained. The webinar will be facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute.