Landscaping a legacy to leave for the Canberra community

16 August 2016

Landscaping a legacy to leave for the Canberra community

For nearly 40 years dsb Landscape Architects has been helping Canberra grow its reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful and green cities. It has made a significant contribution to public and private landscapes and been involved in some the region’s most important urban design and infrastructure projects.

As the national capital’s longest continually operating landscape architecture firm, dsb Landscape Architects has an undeniable understanding of who we are as a city, where we have come from and where we are going.

This experience and knowledge made dsb Landscape Architects a natural fit when it came to providing local advice and design services as part of the Canberra Metro joint venture.

“We joined the Canberra Metro consortium before the initial EOI was submitted,” dsb Landscape Architects Director, Michael Reeves explained.

The company’s role in the light rail project has grown from providing landscape concepts for the original EOI through to managing and delivering landscape documentation and developing detailed landscape design plans.

dsb Landscape Architects is one of a team of consortium experts providing design plans that will guide construction but, as Michael points out, their work is certainly one of the most “visible”.

“We, as landscape architects, and all of Canberra Metro recognise this is a transformative project,” Michael said. “It is our challenge, responsibility and legacy to put in place iconic landscapes that will benefit the city today and for the next 100 years.”

Light rail is not the first major infrastructure project dsb Landscape Architects has been involved in – it has worked on key residential precinct and shopping centre developments, aged care facilities and school grounds, parks and health care sites, landscaping for new suburbs and major roads – but, Michael believes involvement in light rail has the potential to open up totally new marketplaces for Canberra businesses.

For dsb Landscape Architects, involvement in the light rail project has increased its capacity in areas such as quality assurance, it has led to upgrades in business and reporting systems, and enabled the company to grow its workforce.

“Our skills and experience has increased exponentially,” Michael revealed. “Our staff have been exposed to new experiences and learning as part of this project.

“There are a range of opportunities that will be created. Local businesses should be thinking about what might be needed and what they can provide. For example, in terms of landscaping the possibilities are vast: top soil, water, seed procurement, tree growing, transportation, to name a few.”

Michael’s recommendation to local businesses is to connect with Canberra Metro, who are keen to have local suppliers and firms involved in the project.

“Don’t be afraid to stick up your hand and say ‘I think you might need this and I would be able to provide it,’. Canberra Metro has to know your business exists before they can consider how you might be able to work together,” Michael concluded.

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