Kindred Member Meetings

Our Kindred Members are the many industry associations and peak not-for-profit bodies in the ACT. With more than 50 associations as our members, we collectively represent thousands of local businesses and community groups.

The Chamber consults with all our Kindred Members on major policy issues, and regularly collaborates with specific members to address industry or sector concerns. We work with them to ensure a common voice to government on policy issues, government plans, and other issues that affect businesses and community organisations across Canberra.

We also provide a forum for association CEOs to meet and share ideas, concerns and suggestions to assist each other.

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Meetings in 2021

#1 Wednesday 24 February 2021

Chamber Brings Association CEOs and Minister Together – The ACT govt’s newly-appointed Minister for Business, Tara Cheyne MLA, met with more than 20 industry association and for-purpose organisations CEOs at the Chamber offices. The Minister discussed a wide range of current issues, including the impact of Covid over the last year; difficulties in finding skilled staff for local firms; the upcoming ACT government review of business regulation; current barriers to doing, establishing and growing business; and how government can more effectively communicate with local businesses.

#2 Wednesday 19 May 2021

With the ACT government’s budget currently being developed, the Chamber and leading local business groups met today to discuss what issues were most important for both the for-profit and for-purpose (not-for-profit) industry sectors. Some common areas of concern for all employers include difficulties in accessing enough skilled employees; complexities in the ACT’ government’s procurement processes; improvements to local shopping precincts; and the difficulties of processing “working with vulnerable people” approvals.

Meetings in 2020

#1 Thursday 19 March 2020

Discussion on early stage impacts of Covid-19 on local businesses

#2 Friday 24 April 2020

Discussion on how successful local businesses are in dealing with Covid-19.

#3 Thursday 28 May 2020

Meeting with ACT Business Commissioner Brendan Smyth, discussing commercial tenancies and lease issues

#4 Monday 24th June 2020

An overview of the virtual member summits that were aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of business experiences in the light of Covid-19.

#5 Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Discussion on forthcoming ACT election policies.

#6 Wednesday 26th August 2020

The YWCA and Property Council of Australia (ACT division) lead a discussion on how to develop effective election platforms for their member associations.

#7 Wednesday 18th November 2020

The University of Canberra’s new vice-chancellor, Professor Paddy Nixon, outlined his vision for the university and how it planned to work with industry associations and not-for-profit leaders.