Healthier Choices

Healthier Choices Canberra

Research from AusVeg’s Project Harvest (2015) found that the weekly shop is a thing of the past and the average Australian now goes to the supermarket three times a week. And with Canberrans eating out more than ever, finding child friendly cafes and restaurants with healthier food and drink choices isn’t always easy.

A recent survey showed that more than 60% of Canberrans said they’re looking for healthier choices at the places we go to regularly — the supermarket, club restaurants, cafes and children’s entertainment venues like play centres and cinemas.

Healthier Choices Canberra is about making it easier to find healthier food and drinks, which are sometimes lost on the supermarket shelf, or on the menu of your favourite place to eat.

An ACT Government initiative we are working with local businesses to identify and promote tasty, competitively priced and healthier products and meals — taking the guess work out for your customers.

Simply look for the logo in participating businesses across town.
If you’re a business and want to get involved, click here to get in touch

Healthier Choices Canberra Junior Sport is all about businesses who are interested in sponsoring junior sport. Over 53,000 Canberra children play organised sport, therefore junior sport can offer great value to businesses.

If you’re a business interested in sponsoring junior sport, click here to get in touch.