Light Rail Business Link program helping local companies go for ‘Gold’

Gold Leaf Tree Services

Light Rail Business Link program helping local companies go for ‘Gold’

One goal of the Light Rail Business Link program is to help ACT businesses be ‘project ready’ to take advantage of major infrastructure investment by ensuring they have appropriate skills to participate where possible. It has provided specific training opportunities and information sessions to provide Canberra based businesses with the knowledge to effectively seek out opportunities related to light rail.

Gold Leaf Tree Services may be a small, local business but it didn’t stop them taking an active interest in the project early on through the Light Rail Business Link information sessions. They then successfully bid for work to assist with light rail corridor preparation.

“The training offered by the Light Rail Business Link program gave us confidence to bid for work on major infrastructure projects, like light rail,” Director Gold Leaf Tree Services, James Macpherson said.

“It helped us have realistic expectations, understand the process, and be sufficiently prepared to bid if the opportunity presented itself.

“We learnt how to minimise risks, highlight our strengths, and who to seek tailored advice from when we needed it.”

Gold Leaf is committed to highlighting the role arboriculture plays in Canberra’s urban renewal and felt it could offer local insight to the light rail project.

“While our initial contract related to safe, timely tree removal along the corridor,” Mr Macpherson said, “we’ve also been able to liaise with Canberra Metro and provide strategic advice on tree management based on our extensive local knowledge.

“We look forward to seeing the new trees planted and professionally nurtured for the enjoyment of everyone along the corridor.”

Removal of trees along the busy corridor required application of tree felling techniques that would enable the work to be completed efficiently and safely.

“We’re proud of our staff who demonstrated their specialised skills on this project. There’s a shortage of skilled arborists in the ACT and we believe this high-profile project will remind people this is an interesting job and a qualification worth seeking.”

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6 April 2017