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Fee-for-service Work

Our Workplace Relations team provides the following services on a fee-for-service basis:

Negotiating and drafting enterprise agreements – different options available from assistance through to comprehensive support from commencement of negotiations, drafting, submission to the Fair Work Commission and managing undertakings.

Drafting a template contract of employment and individual flexibility arrangements – tailored advice and drafting.

Development of human resource policies and procedures – tailored workplace policies and procedures, including employment handbooks.

Wage analysis against modern awards – identifying amounts payable under a modern award against wages actually paid, ensuring compliance.

Seminars – tailored seminars relevant to your workplace.


Our Chamber is pleased to offer these services to our members at a rate of $350 per hour.

Please contact the Chamber to discuss your particular business needs and to organise a quote for services.

Workplace Relations News

“Recover, Re-Energise and Reform.” Business Chamber Launches Election Manifesto

Canberra Business Chamber has called on the ACT’s political leaders to commit to a 20-point program that will drive economic recovery, upskill and provide jobs for Canberrans, and, and make it easier for ACT businesses to start, grow and compete. Launching the Chamber’s priorities for the October 17th poll, Chamber CEO Graham Catt said that … Continue reading “Recover, Re-Energise and Reform.” Business Chamber Launches Election Manifesto

JobKeeper Amendment Rules Issued

Following ACCI’s circular on 11 August 2020 regarding the announced changes to employee eligibility under JobKeeper including the extension of the employment reference date to 1 July 2020, the legislative instrument with respect to such changes has now been registered. The changes to the reference date have retrospective application and take effect from the JobKeeper … Continue reading JobKeeper Amendment Rules Issued

JobKeeper 2.0: Extension to March 2021 welcomed

Yesterday, the Federal Government announced an extension to the JobKeeper wage subsidy program. This is in response to calls from Canberra Business Chamber, through the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) and other industry groups, for the continuation of the subsidy. JobKeeper has been an important lifeline to businesses during the COVID crisis, and … Continue reading JobKeeper 2.0: Extension to March 2021 welcomed