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Fee-for-service Work

Our Workplace Relations team provides the following services on a fee-for-service basis:

Negotiating and drafting enterprise agreements – different options available from assistance in submission to Fair Work Commission through to comprehensive support from commencement of negotiations, drafting, attendance at meetings, submission and managing undertakings.

Drafting a template contract of employment and individual flexibility agreements – tailored advice on contracts of employment and drafting and BOOTing of IFAs.

Development of human resource policies and procedures – tailored workplace policies and procedures, including employment handbooks.

Investigations – independent investigations into alleged misconduct in the workplace, including taking statements from staff, compiling facts and productions of report with findings.

Mediation – acting as independent moderator when workplace relations have broken down in order to progress relationship moving forward.

Wage analysis against modern awards – identifying amounts payable under modern award against wages actually paid in underpayment claims or general BOOTing.

Seminars – tailored seminars/training relevant to your workplace.

This comprehensive range of services is available at the following hourly rates for Chamber members:
  • $250 for Workplace Relations Plus Members
  • $300 for all other Chamber members

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