ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards

Managed and delivered by Canberra Business Chamber on behalf of the ACT Government.

The ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards showcase and celebrate the achievements of Canberra region exporting businesses, and recognise the important contribution they make to the local economy through job creation and increased prosperity in the community.

The awards provide pathways for new and emerging Canberra region companies seeking to internationalise their business.
Up until this year, the Awards operated as a two-tiered process. First, exporters achieve ACT distinction through the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Award program, and the winners of each category progress to the Australian Export Awards.

The ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards program has represented the Territory’s most prestigious businesses, including Aspen Medical,  Seeing Machines and iSimulate  whom have all been ACT Category winners in recent years and gone on to be recognised for their outstanding export success with an Australian Export Award. Aspen Medical was named Exporter of the Year at the 2018 Australian Export Awards.

This year, the Export Awards are taking on a whole new look, as we explore the stories of our local exporting businesses.

Acknowledging that 2020 has brought incredible challenges for everyone, we are bringing you inspiration from our exporters who are developing and adapting products to send around the world. It is time to celebrate these champions of innovation, who contribute so significantly to our local and national economies.

A message from the ACT Chief Minster

Growing our economy’s exports is an important part of our business diversification and jobs strategy and is closely linked to the Government’s renewal agenda.  An internationally competitive business sector feeds a strong economy, provides new opportunities for our citizens, and creates the linkages for Canberra to continue to grow as a smart and vibrant city.

In 2020, a challenging year locally as well as globally, we will be delivering the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards program with a focus on resilience and innovative ways to reach new markets. My Government wants to use the program to engage with many more Canberra Region exporters and give them a vehicle to tell their stories to a national and international audience.

There are already some great company stories coming out of key sectors in our economy such as education, cyber security, information technology, services to government, defence, space and spatial, health, sports, tourism and the creative sector.

Whatever sector you are from, I encourage you to take a fresh look at the Awards. Not only are they about recognising and celebrating your achievements, but just being a part of the interactive ACT export community offers your company a chance to access support and advice from export professionals and make new connections for your business. The Awards also give you a way to sharpen your company’s narrative in an increasingly competitive world and help all of us project Canberra’s credentials internationally. I look forward to your participation.

Andrew Barr MLA
ACT Chief Minister

If you are a new or existing exporting businesses in the Canberra region, you can access a range of support as well as network with other exporting businesses, including:

The ACT TradeStart Program which helps ACT exporters to achieve long term success in international markets. The TradeStart program allows the ACT Government to work closely with Austrade and access key Austrade resources such as their export database, trade mission activities, their off-shore offices, intelligence and international connections for the trade and investment activities to support ACT exporters.

The International Business Engagement Program, which is being delivered by Canberra Business Chamber on behalf of the ACT Government, is aimed at maintaining, rebuilding and finding new opportunities for Canberra and region businesses to engage internationally. The program focuses on building the Territory’s exporting community; providing training and support by facilitating seminars and workshops; creating links between local industry and other government support programs; assisting the ACT Government in co-ordination of business trade delegations (outbound and inbound).

The Canberra region has a dynamic and successful exporting community

As either an established or new exporter, your company could join the list of successful Canberra region exporters.

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So, what is happening in 2020 for the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards?

Have a read through the first of our local exporter stories here. This year, the Export Awards Program is all about these fantastic journeys with the broader environment of exporting featured, including the ecosystem community that supports businesses wanting to send their goods overseas, as well as established and newly emerging exporters.

In October, the Canberra Business Chamber will be hosting ACT Exporter’s Month with free Panel Discussions focusing on key issues around exporting. We have invited some innovative local exporters and export ecosystem leaders to drive discussions on the direction of exporting in the ACT. So, if your business is positioning to export manufactured products, services or produce overseas, have a look at the Panel Discussion line up ahead and register.

It is our hope that we will be able to celebrate together in an outdoor networking event towards the end of this year. We will keep you in the loop via this website and our business mailing list newsletter: E-Business Pulse. Please subscribe here if you are a new visitor to the Canberra Business Chamber’s website.

The 2019 ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards Winners

Many past category winners are well-known – companies such as Aspen Medical, Seeing Machines, Windlab, Inland Trading, Datapod, Intelledox and IE-Asia-Pacific. Each year, refreshingly new exporters emerge as category winners such as ITP Renewables and TelSoft.

Congratulations to all our Winners of the 2019 ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards. Each of these businesses has opened doors across the globe, not only for their own goods and services but for Canberra Region businesses as a whole.

ACT Export Award Winners 2019

ACT Exporter of the year: Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines, a locally-based world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled driver monitoring technology, was awarded the prestigious ACT Exporter of the Year Award for 2019.

National category winners:

Agribusiness, Food & Beverages: The House of Alpaca
Creative Industries: Thylacine Design & Project Management
E-Commerce: Today’s Plan
Emerging Exporter:Link Digital
Manufacturing & Advanced Materials: ECLIPS
Minerals, Energy & Related Services: Ardexa
Professional Services: Biometix
Regional Exporter: Telsoft
Small Business: Kinetic Performance Technology
Sustainability: Sustineo
Technology & Innovation: Seeing Machines  & Instaclustr (Highly Commended)

ACT only category winners:

Exporting Government Solutions: Sustineo
Exporting to Asia: Telsoft