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Certificates of Origin

Canberra Business Chamber can help you with all of your international customs and export documentation needs. The Canberra Business Chamber is  the only body in the ACT that is authorised to issue Certificates of Origin.

The right paperwork makes the export process run smoothly. Most of the time, we can advise you on which forms you’ll need, who can provide them and how to complete them. 

Certificate of Australian Origin is documentary evidence that the goods are originating from Australia. Many customs measures relating to goods being imported into a country, in particular those relating to tariff & public health; depend for their administration on the origin of the goods. 

The increasing number and complexity of the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) has emphasised the importance of correctly identifying the origin of imports. That’s why exporters need to obtain Certificates of Origin and Certified Declarations of Origin for each shipment. 

Certificate of Australian Origin is required: 

  • To export certain goods from Australia 
  • For customs clearance at the port of destination 
  • As stipulated in the letter of credit (L/C) 
  • Evidence of the goods origin when negotiating sales contract 

The certificates are used to clear your goods through customs at the destination country. Certificates of Origin can also be requested by the overseas buyer or the business receiving your goods. In some instances, the company receiving the goods may require a Certificate of Australian Origin before their bank can authorised a payment to exporter’s bank. 

You may find that on occasions evidence that the goods originate from Australia can be requested from the potential buyer when negotiating the sales contract with you. 

The preferential Certificate of Origin (COO) is a documentation requirement of a number of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) Australia has in place with other countries. 

It is evidence that the goods are originating from the territory of one or more parties of the particular FTA. For example: goods wholly obtained in Australia to be exported to Thailand – applicable scenario under TAFTA & AANZFTA as Thailand is part of both. 

The preferential Certificate of Origin provides the overseas buyer with the strategic advantage of paying preferential duty rates. Translated into benefits for you as an exporter that means that if a company from overseas imports a product from Australia in terms of customs duties payable it will be cheaper than importing a similar product from another country not part of a free trade agreement, which is a great strategic advantage for exporters when negotiating export contracts.

The Canberra Business Chamber International Trade team issues: 

  •  Certificate of Australian Origin  
  •  Certified Declaration of Origin 
  •  Thailand – Australia Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (TAFTA) 
  •  ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (AANZFTA) 
  • Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement Certificate of Origin (A-CEPA) 
  • Australia-Korea Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin – (KAFTA) 
  • Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement Certificate of Origin – (JAEPA) 
  • China- Australia Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (ChAFTA) 
  • Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) 
  • Certificate of Free Sale 
  • Visa Letter attestation for Saudi Arabia 

Step 1:
Complete the Exporter Information C04 Form to register your business with us. You have to complete the registration just once. 

Step 2:
E-mail your completed C04 form to Canberra Business Chamber at

Step 3:
Once the completed C04 form is received it will be processed the same day and you can start submitting your Certificates of Origin for processing. 
Download a Certificate of Origin.

Step 4:
Submit you Certificate of Australian Origin by email to
trade@canberrabusiness.com or in person to Canberra Business Chamber at Level 9, 12 Moore St, Canberra ACT 2601.

Each submitted Certificate must be accompanied by a supporting document related to the goods in that shipment, e.g., copies of a commercial invoice, bill of lading, airway bill, letter of credit etc. 

Step 5:
If you choose to email, forward the original printed in colour hard copy of the Certificate of Australian Origin to your importer.

The cost of a certificate is $35 for Chamber Members and $55 for Non-Members. 

Certificates emailed to us will be processed within 24 hours service from submission.  

The most frequently requested supporting evidence from us is the Bill of Lading (if the cargo is shipped) or the Air Waybill (if the cargo is exported by air). Also, packing lists and commercial invoices can be considered as evidence. If the shipment is under a Letter of Credit (L/C), the Chamber can also request a copy of the L/C. 

Still have questions about Certificates of Origin and Free Trade Agreements?

Contact our Trade Team:
02 6247 4199

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The Canberra Business Chamber is a founding member of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign. 

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The Australian Made logo only appears on authenticated products that qualify as being Australian made or grown under a strict selection criterion.



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