Employer Assist Templates

One of the biggest challenges businesses can face is managing their people and the compliance that comes with it – it’s time-consuming, can be an unfamiliar task for some, and can expose risks to a business if processes are not managed compliantly. Australia’s workplace laws are strict and complex, so it’s important that businesses understand their employer obligations and remain compliant.

Available to our Principal and Corporate members as well as our Employer Assist Premium subscribers this set of 12 templates will help your business get started with the essentials of workplace relations and compliance.


  1. Permanent employment contract – award covered.
  2. Permanent employment contract – non-award.
  3. Casual employment contract.
  4. Independent Contractor Agreement.
  5. Position Description.
  6. Leave Policy.
  7. WHS Policy.
  8. EEO, Bullying & Harassment Policy.
  9. Performance Counselling & Discipline Policy.
  10. Code of Conduct (this would incorporate conflict of interest, dress code, workplace behaviour etc).
  11. Complaint Resolution Policy.
  12. Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.
  13. Workplace Surveillance Policy.
  14. Privacy Policy.

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