Recruit Assist

Recruit Assist

Recruitment support for small to medium businesses / organisations

In Canberra’s competitive employment market, small and medium
businesses/organisations can struggle to find the right people; and
when you’re down on staff, you have even less time to spend on finding new


That’s where Recruit Assist comes in. With one low fixed price, it’s a
comprehensive support service, providing an “in-house” capability to help you
find the people you need. It’s like having your own Recruitment Team, at a time
when you need it the most. 

Recruit Assist is here to take the pressure off your shoulders and provide you with specialist expertise by: 

  • Delivering a recruitment campaign under your brand and giving you control of the process.
  • Managing all applications and enquiries. 
  • Shortlisting and phone-screening applicants. 
  • Working with you to select the right person through the assessment and interview process.
  • Completing the right checks for the successful applicant including their ‘right to work’ and reference checks. 
  • Managing applicant expectations including advising unsuccessful applicants and providing feedback.
  • Connecting you with the appropriate contracts and documents to onboard your new team member.

Our recruitment experts are here to help!

Call us today to discuss your options.

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