Employer Assist Premium

Our Employer Assist Premium subscription gives you unlimited access to the Employer Assist Advice Line.

Our Business, Kindred, Corporate and Principal members already have limited access to the Employer Assist Advice Line included as part of their membership. This allows members to call and get instant advice and support from our team of HR & IR experts.

Business, Kindred and Corporate members can also sign up to the premium service to receive unlimited access. Micro Business members are ineligible and Principal members already receive unlimited access.

Fees for the premium service are on top of the standard membership fee and are based on the number of employees.

  • Small Business Employer Assist Premium – 1 to 20 employees ($860.00 Excl GST)
  • Medium Enterprise Employer Assist Premium – 21 to 40 employees ($1,860.00 Excl GST)
  • Large Enterprise Employer Assist Premium – over 40 employees (customised fee based on needs and EFT staffing levels)

Employer Assist Premium subscribers can also access our set of 13 templates at no additional cost which will help your business get started with the essentials of workplace relations and compliance.

Managing people and the compliance that comes with it is time-consuming, can be an unfamiliar task for some, and can expose risks to a business if processes are not managed compliantly. Australia’s workplace laws are strict and complex, so it’s important that businesses understand their employer obligations and remain compliant.

Let our Employers Assist team help.

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Employer Assist Advice Line

Instant access to advice from HR and employment law experts

Employment Resources

Guides and templates to ensure compliance and best-practice HR management

Employer Assist Premium

Personalised support from our Employer Assist team with unlimited HR and IR advice