Decision shows Government’s Willingness to Work with Business

23 May 2016

Decision shows Government’s willingness to work with business

A decision to relocate a light rail construction compound from the Magistrates court carpark to the Canberra Olympic pool carpark demonstrates the ACT Government’s commitment to limiting the impact of light rail construction on local businesses.

“Businesses located near the Magistrates Court car park, where the compound was originally slated to go, were concerned about disruption and loss of parking in the area. Initially in response, the ACT Government worked hard to reduce the number of car spaces lost,” Light Rail Business Link Program Manager, Ben Maguire said. “Then earlier this month it was announced the compound would be moved to the Canberra Olympic Pool car park instead.”

This decision is in direct response to input from tenants of the Melbourne and Sydney buildings. The Light Rail Business Link Program was pleased to be part of the discussions that resulted in this outcome.

“It shows that when businesses speak up and work together with the ACT Government, we can achieve a result that suits all stakeholders,” Mr Maguire said. “A key role of the Light Rail Business Link Program is to act as a conduit between local businesses and the light rail project to ensure potential issues are raised and addressed.

“I encourage any businesses with questions or concerns to give me a call on 6247 4199 so we can talk to the ACT Government and prime contractor on their behalf.”