Secure Local Jobs Code Certification

Businesses tendering for construction, cleaning, security or traffic management work need to meet workplace standards in the Secure Local Jobs Code and have a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate. Businesses that wish to provide services worth more than $200,000 to the ACT Government will also need a Code Certificate.

Under the Secure Local Jobs Code rules, The Canberra Business Chamber is only able to offer this service to non-members at this time.

Canberra Business Chamber offers an efficient and reliable Secure Local Jobs Code audit service to support you in obtaining a Certificate.

Our experienced auditors are happy to assist with any application queries and will guide you through the ACT Procurement requirements to obtain a Certificate. Our turnaround time means that we can meet your critical deadlines ensuring that you can get the certificate on time. So, if you or your contractors are in need of a certificate please do not hesitate to contact our Workplace Relations team.

Contact the Hotline

Our Employer Assist team are here to answer all your questions!

Phone  1300 277 881
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Bespoke WR services

The WR team also provides the following services on a fee-for-service basis:

  • Assistance with negotiating and drafting enterprise agreements
  • Drafting template contracts of employment and individual flexibility arrangements
  • Development and review of tailored workplace policies and procedures
  • Wage analysis against modern awards
  • Seminars
  • And much more!

Every business is different, and we provide customised WR services to suit your needs at a competitive price. Our Chamber is pleased to offer our services to our members at a rate of $350 per hour.

Please contact the Chamber to discuss your particular business needs and to organise a quote for services.