ChamberEdge: Online Export Documentation Services

The Canberra Business Chamber is excited to launch its first electronic certification system for export documentation. Designed by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ChamberEDGE allows exporters to reduce costs and save time by processing export documents online.

ChamberEDGE Benefits

  • This is the first system created by the Chamber so that we can provide you with a holistic, trusted experience
  • The system has been built with the exporter in mind – it’s easy to use and intuitive
  • Registration is free. Charges only apply once your documents are approved and you can sign up in just a few clicks
  • ChamberEDGE is accessible from anywhere on any device
  • ChamberEDGE allows bulk uploading for multiple Certificates of Origin (CO)
  • View your detailed certificate history
  • Manage your signatories to respond to staff changes
  • Assign yourself to a freight forwarder who can apply for COs on your behalf

Register here to start using ChamberEDGE today.