Chamber Calls for CBR Intro for Pollies

7 September 2016


One of the things that makes the Canberra Region so distinct and special, is our four seasons.

Driving around the city at the moment it would take the hardest heart – or possibly the worst hay fever sufferer – to not appreciate the beauty of the blossoms and wattles showing their faces after winter.

However, there is one group of people who have just started work in the ACT who may not be getting, or taking, the time to appreciate the spring beauty and all the other wonderful things on offer in Canberra.

In mid-August, 37 newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) underwent their induction. Over the coming three years, they will spend roughly one-third of each year in Canberra.

Despite the length of time MPs and Senators are based in the national capital, we do little to ensure they experience our city and region in a positive way while they are here.

Imagine the power we could harness by having our elected officials extolling the attractions of the ACT!

It is for this reason, Canberra Business Chamber is partnering with the Brand CBR Program to develop a Welcome Pack and activity program for incoming parliamentarians.

The introduction kit will provide information on the Canberra Region’s many charms and suggestions for getting out and getting involved. It will be designed to help parliamentarians discover the many things about the city which locals take great pride in.

An associated ongoing program of hosted activities for parliamentarians will help them discover the ACT layer by layer.

As their free time is limited, the program will provide a list of upcoming activities and Senators and MPs can choose to attend those that match their personal interests and availability. These activities would be led by a cultural historian and focus on the regions many strengths including sport, art, history, dining, and outdoor facilities.

This could also help parliamentarians connect with local organisations or groups they would like to participate in. It will make them feel part of our community and let them build social networks outside of Parliament House.

Our MPs and Senators are a resource when it comes to promoting the Canberra Region and it is time to invest in them.