Video message from our CEO, Graham Catt

CBC Update with CEO, Graham Catt

31 March 2020

Watch this message from our CEO, Graham Catt, with an update from the Canberra Business Chamber. It’s a challenging time right now for businesses in the ACT and the broader community. We’re here as a Chamber for our members, and believe that there’s never been a more important time for us to be supporting business.

We’ve been a voice and advocate on your behalf, with regular meetings held with the ACT Government and the Federal Government (through Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and speaking to the community through the media.

We know that information and resources are critical at a time like this, so we’re working hard to make sure our members get the latest and most relevant information for their business. For example, our Employer Guide which you can find at…/.

Connecting businesses and people is at the centre of what we do, bringing people together, helping businesses build their supply chain and connect as a community. Although we can’t do this face-to-face at the moment, we’re actively working towards ways in which we can continue to connect people through technology instead.

Our commitment to you is that we’ll continue to provide the value that we always have. Value through advocacy. Value through information & resources. And value through connection and access to networks.

We’re needed more than ever, so we want to especially thank our members for their support, and together, we’ll find our way through the next few months. They may be tough, but we’ll continue to be a strong and vibrant business community.