Canberra Metro and Gold Link Presentations from the 9 June Forum

Canberra Metro Gold Link

On 9 June 2016 the Light Rail Business Link Program hosted a business forum introducing the Light Rail Consortium, Canberra Metro to Canberra businesses.

Attendees heard from Martin Pugh, Chief Executive Officer, details about work packages and construction timelines and were introduced to key personnel within the consortium.

Jason Ward, Communications and Stakeholder Director, G:link and goldlinq Pty Ltd also spoke at the event. Jason has worked on the Gold Coast Light Rail project since before Stage 1 commenced. Jason shared his highlights and learnings in relation to stakeholder engagement and how business can get the best outcomes throughout the construction phase and beyond.

See below the fly through of the Light Rail Network as presented by Canberra Metro.

View expressions of interest for local light rail jobs that are on the John Holland Website here and here.