Light Rail Business Link

The Light Rail Business Link is a program delivered by Canberra Business Chamber (CBC), working closely with the ACT Government’s Transport Canberra to build links between Government, the local business community, and Canberra Metro. Acting as a conduit between stakeholder groups, CBC will ensure opportunities for local business are maximised and any concerns are communicated.

CBC encourages all businesses to be “project ready”, to take advantage of this significant infrastructure investment by ensuring they have appropriate skills to participate where possible. Specific training opportunities and information sessions are available.

Throughout this process, the Chamber will be working proactively to mitigate impacts to business along the light rail corridor through ongoing communications, industry collaboration and business support programs.

With a clear and dedicated focus on new business development and growth, the additional aspect of the project is to identify, and cultivate, new business opportunities as a result of the Light Rail project.

Seeking feedback from Gungahlin Town Centre businesses

The ACT Government has progressed a number of significant infrastructure projects in the Gungahlin Town Centre area commencing in April of 2017 through to today, with some projects either completed or pending completion over the coming months. 

These projects include:
* The Light Rail
* The new bus station
* A shared zone Hibberson Street
* Signalisation intersection Kate Crace & Valley Avenue
* Ernest Cavanagh works 

 Transport Canberra & City Services (TCCS) have commissioned the Canberra Business Chamber (CBC) to undertake an assessment of the impact of these construction activities in Gungahlin Town Centre on local businesses. Feedback will be used to improve businesses’ experiences around ACT Government projects in the future. 

The data we collect will help the ACT Government to better understand the benefits and disadvantages of undertaking complex construction works, and what can be done in the future to minimise the impact to local business owners and workers. 

Business owners in the Gungahlin Town Centre can contribute feedback in a number of ways: 


CBC has developed an online survey assessment to gather quantative data from businesses within the vicinity of the works. The survey is live from 8.30pm Thursday 9 August and closes at midnight on Wednesday 22 August and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

Complete the online survey 


In addition to the online survey there will also be an opportunity to give additional face-to-face feedback from 9am to 5pm, Saturday 11 August to Wednesday 22 August, inclusive of weekends. If you would like to participate in giving additional feedback, please click the link below. The face to face feedback is estimated to take approximately 15 to 20 minutes at your place of business.
Book a time to give face-to-face feedback  or email 


In the event that you are unable to use the online survey, you can request to have CBC Representative come to your premises to complete the survey. This option is available from 8am to 5pm, Saturday 11 August to Wednesday 22 August, inclusive of weekends.
Request to complete the survey on premise with one of our team please email: 

Lisa Morisset, Light Rail Business Link Program Manager

Program Manager,  Light Rail Business Link

T: 02 6247 4199
M: 0429 385 705

Canberra Business Chamber
Level 3, 243 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham, ACT 2602

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If you have questions about the project, need business support, or wish to understand how you may be involved, please complete our online form.


A Suppliers Guide has been developed by Canberra Metro to help you navigate the process, learn more about the consortium building the light rail and to answer questions that you might have. The latest work packages released June 2017 can be found by clicking the link below.

Helping strengthen local businesses

LRBL recently offered a Marketing Masterclass Series to Small businesses along the Stage 1 light rail corridor, to assist them to refine or develop a clear, cohesive marketing plan to strengthen their business in 2018.

“Many of business owners are so involved in the process of delivering business, sometimes it’s useful for them to stand back and think about things in a helicopter way so that’s why we’re offering marketing programs…( The) businesses subscribed to those, they’ve decided they’re worth the time and effort” said CBC CEO Robyn Hendry.

Ten hours of tailored specialised marketing support was provided and participating businesses received dedicated time with experienced support to develop or refine their individual 2018 marketing strategy, including practical and inexpensive marketing solutions and actions to implement.

This support was made available at no cost for qualifying businesses, through the Light Rail Business Link Program. The 32 available places were fully subscribed.

Helping Build Business Capacity

Light Rail Business Link has been collaborating with Mitchell businesses to develop digital marketing materials to promote their precinct and individual businesses.


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