Business Support Programs

Canberra Business Chamber provides and facilitates several business support programs for ACT businesses.
These programs are managed from the Canberra Business Chamber offices in Braddon.

UC Innovation Voucher Program

Supporting collaboration between business and the University of Canberra.

This program, supported by Canberra Business Chamber, aims to connect businesses from Canberra and the surrounding region to UC. UC has a wealth of resource, capability and expertise which can stimulate innovation and business growth. UC is committed to engaging with business in the local region to drive economic and social development. It has a wealth of resource, capability and expertise which can stimulate innovation and business growth.

Vouchers up to $35,000 are awarded on a competitive basis to eligible projects that partner with UC. Applicants are required to provide a 25% financial contribution to the project.


Innovation Vouchers may be used to fund:

  • access to time and support on specialist equipment or facilities
  • product or process design or validation activities
  • the conduct of feasibility, prototyping, or field testing studies
  • access to research or scientific expertise
  • access to marketing, strategy, policy or communication skills
  • development projects using one or more students and an academic supervisor
  • potential market and customer analysis using advanced statistical and mapping techniques
  • data development and/or analysis
  • development of an experimental plan or feasibility study
  • a research project or trial in partnership with UC
  • a research project that arises from or will lead to an application for an alternative leveraging arrangement
For more information, or to submit an EOI, contact the Innovation and Engagement Team at the University of Canberra on