Benefits of an enterprise agreement

enterprise agreement

24 August 2016

Benefits of an enterprise agreement

An enterprise agreement allows employers and employees to tailor an industrial instrument to suit the needs of your business, improve performance, staff motivation and workplace efficiency. An enterprise agreement:

  • Formalises employment conditions and wage rates for up to four (4) years;
  • Provides employees with an all-in hourly rate which incorporates loadings, penalty rates and allowances;
  • Replaces multiple awards and layers of compliance with a single document;
  • Links pay to performance; and
  • Provides more flexible workplace arrangements.

If you are interested in tailoring an enterprise agreement to suit your business or want to learn about the procedures required to have an enterprise agreement approved by the Fair Work Commission, please contact the Chamber’s Workplace Relations Hotline on 1300 277 881.

A fact sheet about enterprise agreements can also be accessed below.