Anti Grabbity: WIN Business of the Month – June 2017

Anti Grabbity - Canberra Business Chamber's WIN Business of the Month

Congratulations to Anti Grabbity, our June 2017 WIN Business of the Month

20 June 2017

Canberra entrepreneur Hollie Bell has taken the saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ to heart and developed the idea of adding prickly textured strips to the railings of her apartment balcony to keep her children from climbing over.

Anti Grabbity is a prickly textured strip that fits along the top of your balcony railing to prevent hands from grabbing hold. This makes it extremely difficult for small children to lean over the rail or pull themselves up. 

Not just for children either – it is the perfect barrier for reckless adults partying on hotel balconies.  Put a stop to planking and dangerous alcohol-fuelled behaviour.  The transparent strips connect together  to cover your balcony railing requiring only a few minutes to install.  Virtually invisible, they’ll keep any strata happy.

WIN NEWS and Canberra Business Chamber are seeking to celebrate the achievements of ACT businesses. Each month one local business will be named WIN Business of the Month and their most recent success will be the basis for a story on WIN NEWS.

If you are a member of the Chamber or you know of a business that is a member who has contributed positively to the ACT, please tell us all about it.

We are seeking nominees of all types – micro, small, medium and large businesses. You might want to nominate a business because they have recently expanded, have celebrated a milestone, secured a major contract or client, attracted people to the region or played a role in promoting the ACT, contributed to the community, been exceptionally innovative, or provided excellent service.

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