Social Enterprise Taskforce

Image: Martin Ollman

Social Enterprise Taskforce

The Social Enterprise Taskforce focuses on developing the right support mechanisms for social enterprise, social procurement and social businesses. In line with the Chamber’s 2030 vision, the Taskforce aims to connect, advise, advocate and mentor social enterprise initiatives in Canberra to support all citizens, including vulnerable members of community, to prosper.

The key objectives of the Social Enterprise Taskforce are to:

  • Promote and foster strong and viable Social Enterprise organisations with a primary aim of achieving measurable, social and community benefit to the Canberra Region.
  • To foster an understanding of the economic, social and cultural importance and impact of the For-Purpose sector.
  • To facilitate and encourage mutually beneficial relationships and collaboration between business organisations, For-Purpose organisations and government including encouraging social procurement by government and private sector in the Canberra Region.
  • To provide opportunities for sharing, development and transfer of skills and knowledge between the For-Purpose and For-Profit organisations.

 Social Enterprise organisations include organisations led by a social, cultural, environmental or economic mission who reinvest most surpluses generated in the fulfilment of their mission. They include community organisations, sporting organisations, charities, social ventures and social enterprises. 

 It is anticipated that members of the taskforce will include organisations involved in:

•    Community services
•    Education
•    Sport
•    Recreation
•    Arts and Culture
•    Health
•    Disability
•    Social impact investment
•    Philanthropy
•    Religious institutions
•    Aged care